Paradise or Oblivion

Some interesting futurist ideas about a totally new society that would embrace technology and automation at it’s core.  Some of The Venus Project‘s concepts seem far out there and sometimes reach beyond what I totally understand. Regardless, these ideas are definitely a refreshing alternative to letting Fox and NBC numb your brain. Whether or not this […]

2012 is Here

In keeping with the “I’ll write an update whenever I damn well feel like it” nature of this blog, it seemed to be about time to post an update. Part of what’s been keeping me from writing blog posts here in recent months is the fact that I’ve started writing about SEO and content marketing once […]

Over the Harbor

It’s a rainy morning at the Cabrits garrison in northern Dominica (which is where I’ve been living for the past few weeks).   Here’s what the office looks like today: The misty storytale-quality of this photo is not an iphone effect, but rather the mountains here actually rest permanently inside of low-flying clouds.