Little League

I hadn’t followed much good from Improv Everywhere really since their amazing Best Buy caper, but I have to say, they’ve been on lately. It looks like their random public freezes have become an absolute phenomenon. And taking a jumbotron, ex-NBC sportscaster, and the Goodyear Blimp to a little league game is a pretty freaking […]

Google and Gadgets

Like all of the people that work with me know, the thing I’m really crazy about is SEO. It’s kind of my thing in the company. Really, with the world constantly moving to the Internet, what better piece of knowledge is there than understanding how the search engines work? After seeing Google’s Director of Development […]

Back from New York

I’m back from my fact-finding mission to New York and New Jersey. Here’s what I’ve got: – The Potomic River is great seasoning on the brilliant scent of Newark – There’s nothing like a smooth Shlitz (not to be confused with Schmitts) – Barry White is best sung on street corners – The path train […]

Nobis in 2007

January 1st, 2007 – the first day of business operating as the Nobis Technology Group. DarkStar’s office in Dayton, Ohio had already long been packed up and brought to Bloomington, Illinois to join Ubiquity before anyone knew anything of what had happened. With a series of adjoined classrooms in what was once where my grandma […]

One Final Re-Invention

Since the formation of Nobis now almost a year ago, we set forth a plan to reinvent each of our brands, one at a time. With new Ubiquity servers and hosting brand websites long up, the past few months of Nobis marketing were largely devoted to re-creating the world’s largest Ventrilo and Teamspeak hosting provider […]