Corey Northcutt spent the past two decades building internet things with the support of 10s of thousands of fantastic people: family, clients, staff, partners, competitors, and friends.corey northcutt

He’s produced successful businesses in almost as many industries, including digital marketing, web hosting, online gaming, voice communication, social media bots, a nationwide internet transit network, and a list of his 10 million favorite quotes.

Each project had two things in common:

  1. A systems analyst approach to solving problems.
  2. SEO and relationships that scale those solutions.

He’s currently focusing skill #1 on skill #2: obsessively tuning a system for growing businesses.  This takes the form of the deepest and most actionable SEO system, run by a boutique SEO agency called Northcutt.

Corey does interviews and occasionally writes words instead of code.  He’s been spotted giving guest lectures at the University of Chicago and enjoying life in the greatest city on earth with his wife, two daughters, and Jack Russell Terrier. 

Questions?  Ideas?  Outrage?  Connect here.