Over the Harbor

It’s a rainy morning at the Cabrits garrison in northern Dominica (which is where I’ve been living for the past few weeks).   Here’s what the office looks like today: The misty storytale-quality of this photo is not an iphone effect, but rather the mountains here actually rest permanently inside of low-flying clouds.  And, it […]

Zaazin’ and Harbors

I told myself that I wouldn’t write another blog about my spontaneous 14 day adventure up the west coast, but I caved. Seattle‘s definitely my new favorite city. In ten days in Los Angeles, I conversed with maybe 3-4 mostly unfriendly people a day (people I already knew there excluded).. in my first night in […]

Back from New York

I’m back from my fact-finding mission to New York and New Jersey. Here’s what I’ve got: – The Potomic River is great seasoning on the brilliant scent of Newark – There’s nothing like a smooth Shlitz (not to be confused with Schmitts) – Barry White is best sung on street corners – The path train […]