2012 is Here

In keeping with the I’ll write an update whenever I damn well feel like it” nature of this blog, it seemed to be about time to post an update.

Part of what’s been keeping me from writing blog posts here in recent months is the fact that I’ve started writing about SEO and content marketing once a week, over here.  I’ve enabled feedburner subscriptions so that you can keep up (*hint hint*).  I’ve also working on building up blogs a bit for Northcutt’s clients (and more case studies on those folks can be expected this year).

In the meantime, I’d like this blog to remain the place where my mind goes to write when it starts to wander (that means no more posts about SEO here).  I’ve added a links page and plan to continue blogging on more random topics that are of interest to me (and who knows, could be to you as well).