‘Northcutt’ Will Launch on July 27


I’ve mentioned my consulting work a few times now on this blog but so far, the details have been kept relatively quiet.  On July 27, I intend to change that.

A few months back, I acquired the domain northcutt.com, registered Northcutt Consulting Group, LLC, and began all of the basic organizing necessary in forming a fresh, well-functioning company.  It’s encouraging that even before launching a web site, this company is profitable and operating smoothly.  Finally putting a face on this project will mean the expansion from freelance consulting to consulting firm, expanding into a staffed operation that’s capable of scaling.

So, to anyone that knows anyone in need of some expert SEO/SEM consulting, be sure to get in touch, and ask me for a copy of our referral agreement.  We’ll be paying very nicely.