Get Off the Internet

Really.  The world ends today.

But should it not, I’ll be back back in IL for a bit after a brief adventure up the East Coast.   My focus this month is on moving to Chicago proper, and continuing research/development to improve my SEO consulting process for my existing clients, as well as in preparation for the launch of sometime in Q3.  Exciting times.

Over the Harbor

It’s a rainy morning at the Cabrits garrison in northern Dominica (which is where I’ve been living for the past few weeks).   Here’s what the office looks like today:

The misty storytale-quality of this photo is not an iphone effect, but rather the mountains here actually rest permanently inside of low-flying clouds.  And, it sounds like this.

Zaazin’ and Harbors

I told myself that I wouldn’t write another blog about my spontaneous 14 day adventure up the west coast, but I caved. Seattle‘s definitely my new favorite city. In ten days in Los Angeles, I conversed with maybe 3-4 mostly unfriendly people a day (people I already knew there excluded).. in my first night in Seattle, I met probably dozens of super-intelligent, gratuitously nice people, which kept on all week. Not to mention some of the best seafood, beers, and scenery that I’ve found traveling to date.



It’s also true that technology is everywhere in Seattle; among the most interesting / awesome people I was able to meet was the creative director / family for on the rooftop pool of the Stadium Silver Cloud. For someone that spends most days looking at websites, the Zaaz AI is one of the best ideas I’ve seen, with wit that rival Bill’s IRC bots.

Los Angeles, Seattle, and back

About 10 days ago a decision was made to send someone from our company to Los Angeles to take care of a variety of things, which is where I’ve been for about 9 days (in case you’d been wondering).

Nobis now has one more employee, a much more built-out footprint, and I’d like to say some great new connections (as well as affirming as many existing ones as possible while I was here, running through Mzima HQ looking well over the top of One Wilshire and Multipoint). And much as expected it’s been a pretty awesome time running around LA’s comedy clubs, wandering through random film sets, and eating at crazy outdoor rooftop sushi restaurants.

Takami Sushi in LA

Next week is Seattle, before venturing home (hey it’s <$100 ticket on Virgin from LAX, who could pass that up?). I’m pretty psyched about that, because I’m about the only one I know that loves rain. Provided no crazy problems, you’ll see me back in the corn fields again before the end of next week.

Back from New York

photo borrowed from flickrI’m back from my fact-finding mission to New York and New Jersey. Here’s what I’ve got:

– The Potomic River is great seasoning on the brilliant scent of Newark

– There’s nothing like a smooth Shlitz (not to be confused with Schmitts)

Barry White is best sung on street corners

– The path train = pro wrestling

– Someone should start rebuilding the world trade center.

– Spicy orange curry Thai soup is wonderful


Picture unrelated (but awesome).