Something New

Our knowledge is the amassed thought and experience of innumerable minds.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Famous QuotesFor a long time now I’ve run stunt double websites to test different promotion tactics in the wild, rather than doing the experimenting on my corporate sites.  This quote site was one that I actually started having some fun with, and I’ve had a lot of time on my hands recently, so I decided to make this the first of a few fresh projects that are going in the incubator.

Why quotes?

Well, I’ve always wanted to inspire millions of people, and by my math, it’s actually possible this already has.   People love quotes; they’re a great way to make yourself sound smarter than you really are.   There’s also virtually no maintenance necessary on the site, and it’s designed to promote itself virally over time.  And, it’s been too long since I’ve seen fun charts like this one:

Comparing a variety of data that I took from DoubleClick, Compete, SEOMoz, and Alexa, this site is in the top 30 famous quote sites already (easy!).  The goal is the top 3 in 1 year at around 10 million pageviews/month, and to be #1 in 3 years, which would take around 50 million pageviews/month if all stays constant (hey, anything worth doing is worth doing well).  If you get down like this, here’s how you can get follow the quotes in your favorite social media:


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Breaking the Silence

Earlier this afternoon, I officially sold my stake in Nobis, letting go of my creation that’s more or less dominated my life for the past six years (and is why I’ve been missing in action for the past few months).  The reasons and events that led up to this are complex on a level that I don’t think that I want to put too much out here (for risk of being misinterpreted) but I will leave this with these final words.

I’m grateful for all of the passion of their own that our staff put into building this thing that started as nothing more than some scribbling on a notepad.  Ubiquity has grown to scales that I never would have been capable of achieving alone.   We were incredibly fortunate to have had those first handfuls of hosting customers that stayed fanatics about what we were doing, still now, with thousands of others also worth thanking.  In just a few years, these experiences have taught me an incredible amount about myself, choosing friends, and the different effects that money and power have on people.  It’s also shown me what we are capable of building if we’re constantly optimistic and doing.

Nothing in my life has been more difficult that the events of the past year and a half, but looking ahead, there’s no doubt that I’m personally in a better place today than I was yesterday, and given the right efforts, I’m confident the next day will be better still, and so on.  I never really expected to run Ubiquity forever, nor did I ever believe that this would be the greatest thing in my life that I create.  It won’t be.   But those ideas will be blog posts for another day.