A New Years Rant

About 4 years ago now I watched (relative to your own disposition) liberal hippie lunatic / super-genius Noam Chomsky give a little talk in Braden Auditorium. He had no shortage of unique ideas to throw at the people that came, but among them, he summed up more with one sentence than I think I’ve ever heard a sentence sum up with it’s summing.

“There is nothing in life more difficult than seeing yourself in the mirror.”

The list of meanings that one sentence can pile on is endless. Personally it applies to me in this moment a sense of how often we forget that we’re writing our lives own narratives.. and abuse that fundamental ability to think ourselves into a corner like a confused irobot that bumped into the cat. So at the start of another year, I’ve decided that I’m done doing that. I’m done pretending that I have any actual problems, down to even the smallest things that bother me, that there aren’t solutions for… most of them pretty simple (unless barring some sort of disease I don’t yet know about).

Even though I constantly forget, I’ve had this perspective since one particular moment I can remember when I was 16. After taking over my dad’s old van, I inherited an old Crown Victoria, like right out of the Blues Brothers. It was a fantastic 2.5 ton car which I got into far more car chases with than any car since.Unfortunately I only have a (kind of dated) picture of the van. Pretend it’s a car.. it will make the story better.


One day not long at all into driving that car, I learned that 2.5 tons of steel + original tires from when the car was first built 15 years earlier + rain meant that it could stop from 30 in about 100 yards. This information was not altogether useful to me though, because on this day, I learned that the car could also stop just as easily in about 20 yards should something get in the way. Something did.

I  was fine.. I somehow drove home with the hood sticking straight up, showed my parents the completely crushed half of my car. My dad told me what I knew but didn’t want to hear- that it was totaled, and even though it was just a car.. I had been more than a little excited about all of this having a car business, and I was pretty upset.

I spent a couple hours locked up in my room before my dad came down, and explained to me he was pretty sure we could find all the parts it needed from a junkyard. I didn’t hesitate to point out the fact that he fixed appliances, not cars.. there’s no way we could reassemble the more important half of a Crown Victoria from random pieces. My dad then gave me the same sort of answer to that sort of question that he always has as long as I’ve known him.. which I had never taken seriously.

“I can fix anything”

Said in really a joking tone at the time. I’ve taken that mentality to heart ever since, because it wasn’t a few days later that we had everything in front of the car’s windshield in zip-lock bags with labels, half of which were mostly meaningless to us. About two weeks of work passed in the garage, and when we were done.. despite the piles of spare parts… the car ran even better than it did before. We even re-painted each of the new pieces with the same tacky two tone look that the car had to begin with.

I’ll end this cheesy sunscreen-song-esque rant by simply saying that same mentality has stuck with me ever since. Don’t think yourself into a corner and don’t be beat up by circumstance in 2009, and I won’t either.

blogs, ideas, and suits

It takes some big ego to start up a personal blog. Really. Twice as much to name it after yourself. Most blogs I’ve read don’t make it past 5 posts; regardless of their agenda. Not only is it a big commitment, but it’s banking on you being interesting enough to hold the attention of random people on the Internet. There’s a lot of competition these days (citing: this, this, this, and that). Like much of any idea, it takes more than a passing thought, it takes the will to build something, and that’s something that most people lack.

I’ve been told that Albert Einstein owned 7 black suits, and only 7 black suits as his full wardrobe (the infinite wisdom of Google seems to back that up). More importantly, when asked about it, Einstein would say that he couldn’t afford to devote his mind to anything beyond what he was set on in that moment.. not even that bit extra it took on what to wear that day. To me that says quite a lot. That we all have ADD. That society’s perception of the word brilliance is really pretty much synonymous with focus. And that this blog is probably distracting me from something right now.

a quiet moment in a noisy mind

Empty yourself of everything.
Let the mind become still.
The ten thousand things rise and fall while the Self watches their return.
They grow and flourish and then return to the source.
Returning to the source is stillness, which is the way of nature.
The way of nature is unchanging.
Knowing constancy is insight.
Not knowing constancy leads to disaster.
Knowing constancy, the mind is open.
With an open mind, you will be openhearted.
Being openhearted, you will act royally.
Being royal, you will attain the divine.
Being divine, you will be at one with the Tao.
Being at one with the Tao is eternal.
And though the body dies, the Tao will never pass away.

-Lao Tzu

Entrepreneurial Psychology

That title may sound smart, but I promise I can’t spell entrepreneurial without spell check.

Funny things happen when your business ideas all start working out. Oddly enough, a lot of people will warn you about them, but like most things in life, it’s tough to appreciate until you live it. And unfortunately achieving self-awareness over your own quirks doesn’t just prevent them from happening (boo).

As anyone whose found this blog probably knows, it’s linked to on ubiquityhosting.com – which is a little world busting with entrepreneurial ideas, and probably the largest reason for a more personal blog about my professional life to be here in the first place. As I see a lot of these cool websites take off, I’d like to pass on what words of wisdom that I constantly try to live down myself.

1. Time Management

It’s easy to get sucked into something you love doing when it really goes well. There’s nothing wrong with that in moderation – it’s a beautiful thing really – and I was lucky to be warned by more than a few wise people early on that it can quickly take over your life.

It’s not enough to manage a company – what’s important is managing a life. Telling yourself to stop working at a certain point isn’t all that difficult; and if where you’re at allows for it, hiring staff over getting greedy and trying to do everything yourself is a must. Being able to control your thoughts and stop pondering business ideas over that time you’re not working – that can be a little harder.

2. Other People in the Real World

I’ve been told by close friends that at the core of it all, I really haven’t changed since everything took off, and I hope that’s true. A lot of people I can still talk to exactly the same way as I could beforehand as well, but in many other cases it can get a little weird.

People’s actions tend to define their character. What I’ve lived first-hand is that you’re most likely to be characterized by what’s most unique about you… and I have to say, when I start up a conversation with any loose acquaintance, not a single person ever asks me about the last time I went Wakeboarding, or saw a good movie, or to watch a band play as people used to – at least not right away. People know other people that are doing that stuff, it’s old conversation; you can’t blame them, but it sure doesn’t make #1 any easier. Maybe that’s why Richard Branson has such absurdly interesting hobbies.

3. Dude- Take it Easy

To say that business is competitive is one of the most obvious statements I can think of. Most genuinely successful people I’ve observed possess certain qualities. Above all else- they go on unaffected. Most people that come to work for us I think are shocked at how close friends we are with so many of our competitors, and really, it comes down to this: there’s a big Internet out there. If you want to make money from it, there’s more than enough for everyone, and if you let one person put you up into a rage – you accomplish nothing but breaking focus on anything truly productive, and probably looking like a pretty big dxck to anybody that happens to stand witness in the process.