SEO Consultant

I’m currently accepting 1-2 SEO consulting engagements. Please understand that there’s only one Corey so I’ve got to be selective about who I work with. Here’s a quick and dirty breakdown.


I specialize in ecommerce and cloud offerings: big sites, big problems, big opportunity.

I’ve built/sold cloud service companies. I’ve hosted thousands of ecommerce websites. I’ve run a cloud and ecommerce SEO agency: ~60% B2B and ~40% B2C. My boutique agency consulted for handfuls of Fortune 500s. I have a unique skillset as a systems architect. That helps me understand tech offerings, technical SEO, and programmatic SEO better than most.

These days I work for love over money: It’s important to me that I love what you’re building.

My skills are overkill for local markets: you should be targeting national or international. If you’re in travel or legal there are specialists that fit you better. I am not a generalist marketer. I am not a brute force worker bee. I am not a full service agency. I am an extremely technical, business-minded expert that excels at simplifying the hardest problems related to SEO and process optimization.


I’m more willing to work with small startups since going solo but the approach has changed. If your business is pulling less than $5M ARR, I’ll recommend that we create you an SEO Business Plan as a one-time project. Use this as a guide to grind it out those brutal early years by leveraging cofounders and cost efficient freelancers.
If your business is firmly established I’ll still likely recommend beginning with an SEO Business Plan. Consistency is the hardest part of SEO and it only gets harder at scale. After that, I may be available long-term as:

  • SEO Advisor
  • SEO Consultant
  • Fractional VP SEO

In each of these capacities, the mission is the same: to empower and align your team with the best possible SEO strategy and tactics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Build my links? No.
Write my content? No.
Run my ads? No.
Code my site? No.
Fill out this RFP? No.
Will you fix my awful online reputation? No.
Establish our SEO vision? Maybe.
Create a keyword plan? Maybe.
Develop content strategy? Maybe.
Advise our digital team? Maybe.
Strategize technical SEO? Maybe.
Audit technical SEO? Maybe.
Hire marketing vendors? Maybe.
Hire marketing staff? Maybe.
QA our SEO process? Maybe.

Think there’s a fit? Let’s set a time to meet.